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Recently Added Groups

Name Location Members
Poznan Java User Group Poznan 1
jugtrento Trento 1
Richmond JUG Glen Allen , VA 10
Fox Valley Java Users Group Appleton , WI 27
Maine Java Users Group Westbrook , ME 2
Hong Kong Java User Hong Kong 7
dropping xxx 0
Web Services JUG Dallas , TX 7
Plano Java User Group Plano , TX 10
javaspain Madrid 5
JUG Milano Milan 8
Canterbury Java User Group Christchurch 17
Java Robotics User Group N/A 2
Mexico City NW Mexico City 2
SeaJUG Bellevue , WA 4
SpaceJUG Huntsville , AL 6
JUG Indonesia Jakarta 23
JavaFree Floripa JUG Florianopolis 6
St. Louis Java User Group St. Louis , MO 14
Java on Nicaragua Managua 2
Java Hellenic User Group Athens 7
JavaFree Londrina JUG Londrina 5
JavaFree Blumenau JUG Blumenau 7
JavaFree Passo Fundo JUG Passo Fundo , RS 5
JavaFree São Paulo JUG São Paulo 2
PinoyJUG Pasig 9
Utah Java User Group West Valley City , UT 2
JavaFree Brazil 18
Ecuador Java User Group Quito , Pichincha 5
Gateway JUG Saint Louis , MO 5
Victorian Java Users group Melbourne , Victoria 7
Ankara Java Users Group Ankara 7
Hong Kong Java User Group Hong Kong 2
JugTorino Turin 1
NL-JUG, Dutch Java User Group Amerongen 5
JUGS ZA Pretoria , Gauteng 8
Grupo de Usuarios Java Mexico Mexico y esperemos que pronto las demas ciudades 11
Frameworks-boulder Boulder , CO 13
Grand Rapids Java Users Group Grand Rapids , MI 9
Karachi JAVA User Group Karachi , Sindh 6
juggenova Genova 1
BELJUG - Grupo de Usuarios Java de Belem Belem , PA 4
Silicon Valley Web Developer JUG Silicon Valley , CA 4
JavaBahia Salvador , Bahia 2
GatorJUG - Gainesville Java User Group Gainesville , FL 3
UP Java Developers' Group Quezon City , Metro Manila 6
javaBin - The Norwegian Java User Group Oslo 2
Tallahassee Java User's Group Tallahassee , FL 5
Rio Java Users Group (RioJUG) Rio de Janeiro , RJ 1
Austin Java Users Group Austin , TX 11

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News from the Community

The Server Side Java Symposium Europe : Day 1

Its about 6.30PM here in Prague and the day 1 of The Server Side Java Symposium (TSSJS) is wrapping up for the day with an award ceremony (sponsored by GigaSpaces). I am too tired and sleepy to carry ...

Workflow and Business Rules - why you need both

Tom Baeyens (jBPM / JBoss workflow project lead) has a good post on the jBPM (JBoss workflow) community day held at the Guinness brewery in Dublin. Warning - slides may contain pictures of people drin...

NIH in the SOA.

Vincent Pardington has a good post up on DZone beginning an SOA pitfalls series. His first post, on NIH in the SOA world is a good one, but I think misses one important point: First of all, the idea o...

Update 1 for Java 6 Released

Sun quietly released update 1 for Java 6 sometime late last week or over the weekend. It's mostly a bug fix release.

Why is the Java community so enchanted by Ruby?

I've posted these thoughts on the Java Posse Google group and it generated an interesting discussion. You are welcome to read and comment.

Visiting Microsoft

I just came back from Microsoft Technology Summit, that took place at Redmond, WA. This was an invitation-only event, and about 50 non-Microsoft developers from around the world came there.